August 2, 2021 Just Write Mo 

Greetings弘 today was Epic!!!! Hung out with my Muse and Rocked it out with Enaji-O today. The Magic happened and its getting to a section of the story the characters going on a exotic trip. Wouldnt yall want to know the Destination its a perfect getaway that doesnt get a lot of play and its a lot of ties and twist and turns while their out on Holiday. But isnt it always like that?予 I Wrote Mo today戊予and it feels Good. Tomorrow is gonna be everything and more. Im starting early. I tweeted tonight so you can go on over to Twitter and check me out. Welp Im already thinking about what imma talk about on the Writers Journey tonight. Yall finish the night strong and Ill be back in a few with The Writers Journey everyone TTYL弘

Hang out with your Muse and become One. Create a Timeless Masterpiece and serve it to the Masses

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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