July 31,2021 ⛺️🏕 Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo 🏕⛺️

Greetings🥰🤩 I actually Rocked Out 2 Chapters in Outlines to Enaji-O I Probably could have done more but I think I’m over thinking it. I just want it close to perfect. I tweeted I may tweet again tonight talk a little about Last Day of Camp Nanowrimo. In which it is. How was y’all last day ? Maybe y’all still in the midst of it? Rock it Out. Because y’all some Rockstars. I’m happy about my last day just wish I spent more days in the month focused on writing but I’m happy how far I’ve gotten. What a blessing?🤩🥰. And Camp helped me get there and don’t forget the finished outline of The Black Lagoon Crew I’ve done a lot this month. Just haven’t finished Enaji-O yet. I haven’t came close to finishing it. It’s gonna be a longer book for sure. Y’all gonna be invested. Welp imma chill out with a new read. Most likely a Hard Core Urban Fiction. Something that’s going to have me invested. Tomorrow imma post after I wash my curly top and have my coffee. May be early afternoon imma try not to sleep so much sleeping gives me migraines too. I had to shake it off today.welp imma TTYL

Rock Out in your WIPS and Show Out!!!!!🤩🥰✈️ Take it somewhere you never been and always wanted to go. ☀️✈️

🚨Be Ready for “Just Write Mo” Tomorrow we gonna keep this Energy ongoing for Nanowrimo and beyond🚨

🌼The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌼

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