July29,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo 🏕⛺️

Greetings🥰 My Day has been trying but I’m in good spirits and ready for tomorrow I’ve been on my book of choice to read Bred To Kill by Simone Majors and I’m six chapters in and some of my favorite characters dropping like flies I’m not going to give no more spoilers. I was invested in one of these characters they had to live. It’s getting good to the bone. This book got me excited on how I can do my own WIPS it’s inspirational. It’s magic when you find a book that moves you like that. Now I’m wondering who’s next that gonna get it.it’s super dope. I hope y’all are cranking out some colorful WIPS such as Bred To Kill. You can feel the passion put into it. I’m trying to keep the same energy in my own pieces. Welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey and the HeartBeats and Camp Nanowrimo Just Mo have a safe and quiet night friends and HeartBeats TTYL💗🥰✌🏼

⛓Stay Focused when Camp is over The Project Still Lives On. It’s called Just Write Mo that what we all need to do. Just Write Mo Don’t Back Down Now it only just begun⛓

🐘The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐘

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