July 28,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo 🏕⛺️

Greetings🥰 I want to say I enjoyed my day and you want to know what I did? I spent the day with my new friends on Twitter 🥰 they are so freaking dope. I have a growing following. And they are so freaking supportive and I love the interaction. I would love for my friends( please join) & HeartBeats not to be afraid to say hello how you doing or Ninth where you At in your WIP? Or Ninth what you got going today? Don’t be afraid to interact with me. Imma be looking for y’all to be Beta Readers one day. Y’all my family I trust y’all to be truthful. I know y’all some avid readers and y’all know y’all’s stuff. I also watched Abbie Emmons and KA Emmons they are so Lit 🔥🥰🤩 tomorrow may be working on my craft I don’t know I have a dailys early in the morning. Don’t want to do it but got too, maybe tomorrow be the best writing day. I’m trying to stay away from news. Not that easy. Time be wasted away just on news programs day be gone. After my daily I’m done TV off peace and quiet. That’s the only way. No music tv. No social media just pen pad and my muse. And that’s how I like it I have two kumbucha left imma pretend I’m getting a buzz. My tolerance high as a skyscraper I need Tequila or Rum to get me buzzed for real. But out of respect for my loving aunt I will not drink around her, which may be good for us both. Kombucha good enough. Let me think I’m doing something though LOL 😆. Welp let me take a pause and comeback with the Writers Journey tomorrow. Enjoy your evening be safe stay cool it’s hotter than Heck’s outdoors. TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

🐫Hope your Hump Day was a Blessed One, Write On Writers🐫

🔥🥵The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥵🔥

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