July 23,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🏕⛺️

Greetings Friends and HeartBeats family 💗🥰 today didn’t go as planned but it’s still rewarding. Like I said on my Twitter Page I Spent some time on YouTube watching http://thewritinggals.com They are so informative and dope at what they do. Check them out at the link inside this text. Sweet Romance is on the rise. They explain what it takes to write Sweet Romance. What makes Sweet Romance Clean? So informative and inspiring. It’s Feeding my Muse. Hopefully tomorrow works out for a writing day. My anxiety been taking over lately and I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling. Bless it. Today I spoke to my mentor / Bestfriend. She keeps me encouraged. Had to tell her about my new Twitter Page. Twitter is Dope. Safer than Facebook. So far. Thankfully. Well I hope your day at Camp was Epic. I hope y’all got far on your WIPS. What y’all have planned for Saturday and Sunday I’ll be working. I’m taking my off day today. That’s okay. Tomorrow gonna be everything if I follow the plan. tv off once the sun comes up one round of news be done came on and that enough for me for the day. Welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey and the HeartBeats and Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo💗 Bless y’all end y’all’s day strong friends and HeartBeats family 💗TTYL🌼✌🏼

Dont Break the Chain HeartBeats Gang

🌼The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌼

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