July 20,2021 The Writers Journey 💗🙄😳😫🚨

Greetings 🥰 have you ever been so freaking annoyed having patience the ish will eventually stop doesn’t work? You feel like screaming and having imagination and trying to block it out doesn’t work. I can’t even deal right now. Patience ain’t working because it’s everyday . But I’m working on a change. Because it’s Time for a positive change just for me. Because my soul feels like leaving me behind to get out of my situation. I’m working on something though. It’s gonna take some time and care but change is coming. I just had to let y’all know how I feel because I’m functioning with my world upside down most days Everyday. On edge everyday. Upset everyday frustrated everyday no break. And I’m just tired. And medication not helping. I need to take myself out the equation and just get my own domain. Where I am ain’t safe no ways change in neighborhood area would be ideal. Tired of getting the chills skin crawling because I’m so agitated and upset. I tell myself it’s not gonna last forever. Just keep your mouth shut respect your elders you know what to do be patient. This is my pep talk to myself everyday while I talk ish to myself because I can’t deal. I’m very unhappy and depressed. It’s a surprise I’ve done anything writing or blogging whatever I’ve done this far needs to be celebrated. I’m a mess. That’s just real. But it’s not just me I have stressors past and present every day. I’ve had enough. Just thought y’all would like to know how I feel. This is more like a personal journal entry. But since I’m not writing a journal for awhile I felt like posting my feelings. Imma post Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo follow me on over there talk to u in a few,

🥊fight for your peace ☮️ like you fight for the air to enter your lungs 🫁 same difference you need both for good quality of life🥊 I feel like I need mouth to mouth 👄

☮️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ☮️

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