July 19,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo⛺️🏕

Greetings 🥰 I watched K.A. Emmons on YouTube this afternoon they talked about how to feel about marketing your book. Marketing is my shortcoming but I’m trying one reason why I started a Twitter account. Still need to advertise Twitter too. I’m dealing with heavy anxiety I’m having a hard time today. If I get to Enaji -O today I’ll be surprised. I’m not gonna get mad at myself if I don’t outline. I may read instead or sleep my feeling away. Twitter is pretty dope. But I need to get use to the word limit it’s pretty short. But I guess that’s okay. Welp imma try an chill out. My nerves is bad today. Wish I could go off on a retreat by myself peace and quiet. I need a year long break from everything and everybody. Literally. If I had the money I would vacay at a nice hotel in town and pretend I went somewhere exotic for a week. meanwhile I’m at home trying to block out everything so I can escape the Unwanteds. I need a stiff drink. And my pen and pad. And some snacks. What a treat? Have you been catching the new horror movies coming out. Especially the new Escape Room movie. That flick would have me Anxiety Filled for Months on end. Some movies is just a No Go. I’m sure it’s a superb frightening flick. I just can’t handle much these days. They got the brand new Candy Man coming out. I could barely handle the first one. It takes a special twisted minded individual to crank out scripts for movies like these. I think they even have a new Halloween movie out. These are movies passed down to the new generation. May they get petrified like there elders use too. LOL 😆 I would be up late at night knowing I’m not supposed to be watching movies like Freddy Kruger. Jason. Halloween. Night of the living Dead New and old. Critters Fright Night etc. I was raised on the classics. Today I can’t deal. People are more frightening and twisted these days in their craft. But horror is where it’s at now I bet. well that’s what on my mind. I’ll come back later with the Writers Journey in a few Bless Y’all. Check out the Writing Prompts I have them Archived as well you can go back a few weeks and pick something that sparks your Muse. Have Fun and Enjoy 🤩

🗝Your pen is your key, open your treasure on a blank page. Let’s see where it takes you.🗝

Don’t Break the Chain HeartBeats Gang

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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