July17,2021 The HeartBeats 💗 🥰⛓📖✍🏾✈️📗🖊☕️ ✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today I’m flying into Enaji’s ,Bryan’s and The Big Man’s world. It’s a one way trip. Also there’s a small connection to Enaji-O to Bossie you’ll have to figure it out when y’all read them. But they are two different books all together. I’ll be Outlining Enaji today. I get to write today Yay. New content. I’m gonna head over to Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo follow me on over there Talk to you in a hot second family.🥰💗

PS last night was safe and quieter after the fireworks went off. It truly did sound like gunfire. Anxiety medication barely working I’m on edge all the time. Only thing keeping me sane is this platform and my craft. It’s keeping my mind from going to a unwanted place. I appreciate y’all. I also fight with depression and I’m still grieving heavy. Days been tough then just going through the week long power outage. Was Terrible. I vow my household be prepared if I need to Bug Out at Home I will be prepping soon. Find something you love and do it make it a lifestyle so you can be in your happy place all the time. And having that will get you through the hard times and give you something to live for when everything around you seems difficult or maybe its crumbling. You’ll always have something you can say that make you happy and motivate and inspire you when nothing and no one else will. And find and be around like minded individuals. Can’t find none start a group and be on the search for people. How they say it. You build it, they will come. This is so true. You just have to promote your group like anything else. Welp head over to Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo, see you there

📗The Ninth Poetess, LLC 📗

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