July 16,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Greetings🥰 Fireworks all year round in my neighborhood is bad for my mental. It’s bad for my aunt who has been in the Military and now has COPD. We both hit the floor thinking it was gun shots. Its too much. it really is. It could be in the dead of winter 30 below zero BANG!!!!!! Zoom!!!!!!! POP!!!!! A firework. I Can’t Deal.

Ive been watching Sarra Cannon tonight and a new one from Chris Fox tonight watching Sarra Cannon on HeartBreathings and it’s her Vlog called How To Create Realistic Goals For Your Writing from September 2019 it’s super motivational. How To Get Motivated June 2019 HeartBreathings Channel .

Speaking to my formatter on line editing I need for my books I may have to buckle down and do it myself but man Twenty Chapters of line Edits. That would probably cost flesh bone and the best part of your soul. I can figure out how to do it myself I’ve seen line edits as much as 40-55 dollars an hour. And that is a No No. and a No Go. I’m not in no rush I’ll figure it out or if I ever get a Agent to pick me up they will figure it out for me. But it looks like imma be self published for now. Do I want to be? I’m literally on the fence. I’ve gotten this far with the outline I can continue and line edit myself I know how I want it to look. It’s gonna take me dang near forever doing a whole 20 chapters but imma work it out. Bossie is the same way. Needs a lot of love and care. Imma bring both these novels out of the Tombs it’s just take a minute. Enaji-O is coming along fantastic outlining is almost done then I’ll go in and make narration and dialogue. I wrote it so long ago I need to keep that same energy and voice so I’m happy I didn’t pants the whole story and outlined whats written already before I continued writing. That was needed. But to have pantsed it for 20 Chapters it’s a pretty dope story I think.

Well imma get to sleep if I can I don’t need insomnia after I watch How To Get Motivated. I wish my neighbors would freaking chill out.

Everyone have a beautiful and quiet night. Crank out some dope content. Celebrate your successes and goals met on your writing. Bless y’all. Don’t Break the Chain HeartBeats Gang

🧨🔥The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🔥🧨

PS The Fourth is Everyday for Some People I live near Some people. I can’t even deal. Got me in my feelings. My Anxiety high as Hell all the time and this is no joke it’s serious business. They just don’t have considerations of others. It’s deeper than just the pop. It’s the pop and determining whether it’s gun or firework do I need to get to safety? And that elevation of the heart and anxiety all the time ain’t healthy. For years this been happening it’s disturbing and I’m fed up with it. My aunt gets upset I wish she didn’t sometimes because that gives me anxiety. It’s a mess. But bless y’all have a beautiful quiet night. I’m praying for a safe quiet night for myself TTYL 🥰✌🏼

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