July 16,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🏕⛺️

Greetings everyone 🥰 today gonna be productive for one I’m turning off the Distractions I got work to do and I’m half way there imma have my pineapple breakfast then use my sugar rush to bust down these outlines and around 3 imma stop and fix me and my aunt lunch/dinner. Dictionary need one word for lunch and dinner. They added 300 new words to the dictionary I think today or this week sometime. Some surprised they hell out of me and some had me rolling on the floor. 😂Today I will finish Enaji-O Outline Imma Try. Get on my watch later list on YouTube. I’m posting Writing Prompts Today Stay Tuned…Bless y’all Capture the day today don’t let it get away utilize every moment and second. Basically catch that Jet Plane ✈️ get on and ride it to your characters destination a far off magical world. You don’t ever want to come back. That’s how your best writing day should feel like. Well let me jump into these pineapples🍍 and start this magical day.

🛩 catch a jet plane to your paradise and don’t forget to pack your Muse. And a pen 🖊📗. When the mind is vacationing work is never done in your WIPS. Start something brand new and fresh this weekend and catch that jet plane literally or figuratively and buy a ticket for your Muse she just might meet you there anyways so get ready!!!!🛩

Dont Break The Chain

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

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