July 15,2021 🌪⛈How I Survived The Big One🌪⛈

I’m let y’all into my days during our blackout of 2021.

Meals: chicken noodle soup, fruit cocktail, a couple days. one day was impossible whopper Burger King, that was a special treat.

Communication: Charged phone off other devices if I could. Charged phone using vehicle. Always make sure you run your car while charging or run it shortly after a little while to recharge car battery.

Enduring the Heat and sticky humid nights: first off we lucked out it wasn’t too hot it was sticky and uncomfortable but we got electric back before it started to heat up and it was coming fast.

Work: I found the secret to a flawless productive day. Turn the tv and devices off unless you need them to work and there’s apps that will lock you out of certain areas on the World Wide Web under a time limit you set to give you less distractions my best friend and mentor uses one I’ll ask her when then sun comes up what she uses. You gotta be careful and serious with your choices when using it, there’s a Best Of page with the best of seven different distraction blocking apps. Google Distraction Blocking Apps and the Best Of Seven Page should pop up. I used the old fashioned favorite pen 🖊 and Five Subject Notebook and that’s okay with me. Sharpened my pen on YouTube and reading my Reader. Sipped on my Sparkling unsweetened Waters. Pretended it was a beer. Would have been nice to have a couple. Haven’t had a alcoholic beverage in ages. My choice is Tequila and fruity juices or slurries. Absolutely love Tequila. And I heard years ago that tequila can be good for you in moderation look it up Google Tequila Health Benefits one thing I’ll say is that it controls blood sugars and aids in weight loss in moderation and a list of other pleasantries. By the time I add all my tidbits to the tequila it ain’t healthy no more. I don’t like it alone. So be careful be mindful don’t drink a whole big freaking bottle talking bout you getting getting your health on. You working out, it don’t work that way. Be careful,

Light: God the Almighty and his Arch Angels cut on the lights to the 4corners of the earth. I also used a solar lantern invest in you some solar lanterns and power source charge stations you can use that’s don’t need to be plugged in to work for a literal rainy day. Imma be looking for everything survivalistic that deals with power. Me and my aunt need a generator but I bet they expensive as H***. Excuse thy French. Probably couldn’t find none now in town anyways. People got trees big as they dang House down on they car or down on top or inside they dang house. Or blocking the street. But solar power is the best. Imma be on the search.

Welp this was my survival for my handful of days. To think people still without power me and my aunt is lucky. Because we smack dab in the middle. It could have been worst. And this was the Big One 🌪⛈ No one wants to say it but this was a Tornado. The nice way to say it so the masses don’t have a conniption is saying it as High Winds yeah high winds from a Tornado took out 200,000 peoples powers more than half the population and just about every tree in town is down in some form or fashion just tell the truth to shame the Unwanteds. Oh it was Lighting like the lighting was itching to come through the roof or windows by this time the power was off. I have never seen lighting so close like that. I was scared to move and had to pee. Sorry TMI🙄. It happened so quick and it didn’t make much noise but the lightning was severe which made me think we was in the eye. I could be wrong about a Tornado but it was still a Big Storm hence Big One Bless it🙏🏾

✌🏼Hug your loved ones tell them you love them now The Big One comes through you might not get a later ✌🏼 hugs and love y’all be safe

🔌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🔌

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