July 14, 2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🏕⛺️

Greetings Again🥰 Today gonna be Epic. Journaling, Outlining and Reading and Loving all my “ing’s”. I’m starting kind of late but as long as I start is half the battle. I felt like lounging this morning basking in this beautiful day. Even though it’s clouding up some. Dang it. Who done pissed my Mother Nature off? I hope everyone is cranking out some dope WIPS. Hope y’all are following your contracts for Dont Break The Chain . If your losing steam and inspiration and motivation go to AuthorTube and watch your favorite influencer. Or read the genre your writing in to light that fire 🔥. And like a fire the Writing Craft needs to have attention and to be feed the good stuff. So keep working your pen/pencil 🖊 and sharpen it from time to time ( reading/doing stuff to stay inspired and motivated etc.) Well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey Take off on a new journey this Hump Day. Imma get into some canned chicken chunks and couscous mix dang shrimp went bad. Im down to pantry meals canned boxed it’s a scandal . this lunch break got mighty hungry just now. Bless y’all stay in the fight Don’t Break The Chain HeartBeatsGang TTYL💗✌🏼

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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