July 13,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo#2 ⛺️🏕

Greetings from out the 💀tombs🥰. Electric is back Bless the heavens all my food got to go. Even my freezer it’s tragic. But when that power came on me and my aunt yelped with joy and relief. 🥰 we have been uncomfortable for too many nights. My devices all drained except for my Reader this morning I started a novel called Bred To Kill by Simone Majors and I’m invested imma finish this book today. One thing about having the Writing Craft you can’t forget to read others work as well. It’s like sharpening your tool. And this book I’m reading is freaking dope. 🥰. It’s apart of a series I already know imma be on the search to getting the other books. So today is reading and outlining I love to read it’s my first passion then came writing. That’s how it starts. I thought y’all should know how my day going. I’m cooking with gas. And I was gassed up when the dang power came on.🙄🥰 I love it. Welp back to my book. Have a beautiful blessed day friends and family 💗🥰🔌⛺️🏕 I’ll be back later with the Writers Journey stay tuned….

Don’t Break The Chain Gang

💀Out of the Tombs💀 Feels Good 😌🥰

🚨People in Third World Countries can drink their dang water And Omahans pay for theirs and can’t take a sip. Enough to piss you off🤬😡🤬🚨 Dont get me started today🙄

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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