July 10,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Greetings🥰 power been out a full day just about. This is the longest for me experiencing this. So it must be bad. It should be mandatory that all humans switch to Solar Power. Instead some cases people get penalized or have to pay a arm and three legs just to switch to solar. It should be free. That’s enough of my rant because I’ll start getting into politics and on some other ish. Today I went back to my roots and blocked out all distractions. Even had a nap. I’m up up. Praying the power comes on. Some of my family have power already. I hope the city workers work they way this way . They get to the inner (Poorest) part of the city last. Never fails. We probably got hit the hardest too. I know this had to be the Big One🌪⛈💀 or close to it. The Black Lagoon Crew Outline is almost finished. I just need to come up with names dialogue and nuts and bolts to the meat and potatoes I’ve dished out. Basically I need the glue. I want to make outlines for Enaji and Bossie too. While the getting is good. I have a feeling the power may be on tomorrow but I may be wrong hope so my food may spoil they gonna have to do something for us. It is a state of emergency they not talking about it on the radio just playing music what is going on? Downed power lines everywhere blocking us in. It’s a war zone. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats and Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo if I can, if the WiFi let me . Bless y’all. Have a quiet safe night . No Big Ones🌪⛈🌧💧TTYL

🌪The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌪

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