July 4,2021 🚨 The Ninth Poetess Presents in Menu Now leave your email address and message say hello love to hear from you don’t forget to get your Download🚨

Good evening I figured out how to get Emails for Newsletters I had to use a form block but I don’t think It generates people to the site I’m hoping Smashwords will do that. Please submit your email Address and leave a message it’s not gonna stop you from coming to the site or seeing the freebie before adding your email address I actually prefer you to view the freebie first then send me your email address and message telling what you think about it. And I’ll figure out how to work a newsletter later hopefully without Mailerlite or mail chimp because I can’t figure it out. Hopefully I won’t need to use them. Crossing my fingers. I’m perplexed and this has been soul bending all day and I’ve been to college. Don’t mean a hill of peas. Well enjoy y’all’s night Happy 4th Stay Safe. Bless Y’all .

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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