July 4,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Greetings🥰 Hope y’all enjoying the Holiday 🇺🇸🧨 I’ve got a late start into my day I hate that before I knew it 4 pm crept up on me so fast I stop a 4-5 but I’ll be researching later than that today. I thought writersdigest had the literary agent database it was actually http://pw.org so I spent time shopping for a agent today I haven’t got around to getting to milanote I will though. I think I found my one stop shop it one of two places ive found. One of the places ive found I learned about from a Vlogger on YouTube and I signed up to their Newsletter and website. I think they are dope. Tonight imma search newsletter sites. I hope it’s simple. It has to be. I’m hoping it is. If you view the Freebie leave a review on http://smashwords.com Would love to know what’s on your minds Thank You. I had chicken noodle soup and cinnamon raisin toast for dinner. Something light and fresh. I’m trying not to stay up too late to make up for my late start. But I think I will be up while the fireworks going off tonight. You would have thought the fourth was yesterday the way folks was carrying on. Well let me get back to my day I’m still working. Bless this day bless y’all check out the freebie in menu The Ninth Poetess Present leave your info after you view the freebie you can view directly on Smashwords site. And PDF if you can’t get it on Kindle or other ways I’m unsure if I’ve signed up and uploaded and published correctly so bare with me. You can absolutely view the freebie though. I’ll be back tomorrow on fire for the desire of the writing craft. Enjoy y’all’s night Be Safe. Don’t Break The Chain. TTYL

🇺🇸The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🇺🇸

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