July 3,2021 🚨 Freebie is Available Everybody🚨

Good afternoon everyone it’s been a eventful day today. I worked my way through and was able to upload the site to where you can download the freebie. Atleast through PDF I’m for sure of someone let me know if they got it via Kindle ( Mobi) or any other ways or places. For right now the only place I know of that has it available is Smashwords. I didn’t add other places because I didn’t know if they actually had it to give. So Smashwords it is for now till someone walk me through it. Hoping my future agent will enlighten me. Leave a review on Smashwords on what you think about my craft. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Y’all can always contact me and give thoughts or ideas or tips suggestions say what you feel. I’m a person not a robot. I’ll get back to you accordingly give me some time. But I will get back some how. The Freebie is listed under The Ninth Poetess Presents in the menu. I hope this will do until I figure out how to get email addresses for Newsletters I’m lost and I need to Contact WordPress again. To walk me through it. It should be simpler it’s not and I’m perplexed by it all. But I hope you enjoy it. I’m not understanding all the requirements and everything I’m just praying I haven’t fudged anything up. enjoy the freebie. Love Y’all.

💜The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💜

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