July 3,2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🏕⛺️

Y’all betta Capture y’all’s day and hold on to it. Good morning everyone ☀️🤩 it’s Day 3 of Camp what y’all got planned? My plan is getting the Freebie out today hopefully that don’t consume my entire day I would like to use http://milanote.com today. I want to get my characters out my head and into one place so I can see them. 🚨Freebie is called, “ The Ninth Poetess Presents: The Readers /Writers Web” 🚨and it’s filled with goodies. I’m going to work on getting it to every one today stay tuned… also yesterday I mentioned that I’m not enjoying self publishing. Because it’s things that need to be done( marketing, Publishing Distribution) that is complicated and has me very perplexed . And it should be easier for those of us who choose to publish themselves. But It’s not. You need a whole college degree in Independent self publishing and Marketing. I have degrees but not in writing or Marketing and I don’t feel comfortable starting my career in writing Half Assed. Excuse my French. So I’m thankful I laid off publishing Lifted Moon Hopefully the Agent that Picks me up in the near future can take over where I left off and catapult my career. The Freebies will be helpful to my branding I’m praying I get some diehard fans and Subbies. With that being said I still need to figure out how to form a newsletter. And I’m perplexed very much so about. Somebody gonna have to set it up for me or walk me through it hands on. I see others newsletters and I’m literally in awe. Because I want to know how they started it. I actually have 4 newsletters I’m apart of and they are freaking dope. But this is the story of my life now I have some work to do today. Be on the look out for the Freebie. Start y’all day and Don’t Break The Chain.

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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