July 2, 2021 ⛺️🏕Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🏕⛺️

Good morning🤩 whats going on with y’all today? You know I’m nosey?🚨This post will continue daily after Camp Nanowrimo. It will be called “ Just Write Mo” then in November comes it will be called “ Nanowrimo Just Write Mo” but it will always be a Just Write Mo column. 🚨 I’m enjoying this column because it’s super motivational for me and it’s holding me accountable. Yesterday was super dope I’m looking for the same energy today I’m up early and I can get a jump on my craft. Yesterday I woke up at 7am That’s late to me. A lot of people would be on their first break at work at that time. I plan on filing The Black Lagoon Crew if I get a visit from my Muse while doing so I may continue and write some of the first chapter but right now I have the Prelude and a rough synopsis very rough. After if I have time I’ll edit Enaji-O. And imma be in communications with my Formatter today I think. So I’m excited about that. 🤩🥰 It’s Freebie Time!😂 Ooh y’all!!!!!! This morning I watched Jenna Moreci on YouTube and you gotta subscribe to her channel she’s freaking dope. I watched her latest Vlog and she mentioned http://milanote.com it’s freaking dope it’s a way to keep track to your characters and worlds you create it’s like a vision board but better it’s freaking dope signup and check it out. Well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey y’all enjoy y’all’s day. Buckle down and crank out that dope content. Imma TTYL ✌🏼

Don’t Break The Chain

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