July 1,2021 🥳Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🥳

Well hello there🤩 It is the Jump Off of Camp Nanowrimo How awesome is that? My Muse had me in my dreams this morning and now I have a New WIP to add to my stash. So I was late with the HeartBeats this morning Vomiting on a blank piece of paper. I wish I could record my dreams with VHS. Or digital. Because I saw it and heard it in my mind like a movie but something I’ve never seen before. My idea is Super Hero’s like a comic book but it would be a novel series now I’m not gonna tell you all the Ins and outs of my idea you have to come up with your own stick and line to fish with. But something in me this morning said Super Hero’s out of no where. It’s great to pitch to agents book deal or movie deal. Or even comics. And don’t knock the comics y’all it’s a global phenomenon with comics. Comic Con is a Whole Holiday for some people. It’s a Big Deal. Well imma journal then get back to my new story I’m working on I just need to get this scene down that played in my dreams . Well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey 🤩imma TTYL ✌🏼

🎬The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🎬

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