June30,2021 🥳Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo🥳

June 30,2021 Prep Day🥳

Hello This is The Ninth Poetess and Im starting this particular Journal because of Sarra Cannon Of the Heartbreathings Channel she has on YouTube and a clip I watched on her channel. She was talking about Camp Nanowrimo in July and it lit a fuse underneath my tail and we all know how I hate fireworks. So you know I got my butt up so I could get to work on my craft. I am on fire. And Imma light a blank page up. Real Spit. So I get Sarra Cannon’s newsletter which you can signup at her website: http://sarracannon.com and get her Don’t Break The Chain PDF and it has the contract you write out to yourself.

Here’s my Contract 

  1. I will write Monday – Thursday ( any  extra days is gravy)
  2. I must at least edit or write a full poem to be satisfied  with my day
  3. For Camp Nanowrimo I will be working on Enaji-O “ The Adventures Of Enaji” Edits, getting the freebie off the ground to get new subbies and readers, Also work on Star Gazes. And the Cookbook.
  4. What I want most of all this month is getting the freebie up and running then everything else is gravy. Then I would  love to have Enaji-O edited  to where I can start writing content again. 
  5. Journal at least once a day in one of my now two journals.
  6. Find a colorful system (Daily Planner) to keep track of my movements and stick to it. 

This is my Contract I added some onto Sarra’s you add what you like. First get her PDF of Don’t Break the Chain. Get the questions she asks. Don’t go by my answers. You just have to sign up to her newsletter then I think you will have access to her document library, don’t quote me. I only gained access to it by her newsletter she just sent the other day.

Well I hope you like the new post. Imma try and post everyday to let you know how I’m doing on my Camp Nanowrimo Just Write Mo Journey. 

Have a beautiful Prep Day.

Nanowrimo Schedules:

April & July=Camp Nanowrimo

November =Official Nanowrimo

Don’t Break The Chain Y’all!!!🤩🤓📖✍🏾

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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