June 26,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🥱🤩🎢☀️🌻☯️💜🦄🤧💊🕰✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 It’s the weekend everybody!!!🤩 I’m thinking about taking the weekend off this week I’ve been trying to make sure I’m doing something toward projects everyday I don’t want to burn out I’m sure I’ll do something thats writing related but I’m not gonna think it’s toward work. I put a YouTube clip on pause to do this post I haven’t watched her in ages The Frugalnista she’s so dope she get stuff make me wish I was in her city or state. My aunt turned me on to her channel some years ago. Imma be binge watching her today may make some popcorn her babies done graduated and in high school I feel bad I haven’t been watching . That one thing I’m doing today I may make some shrimp poppers my aunt loves my shrimp that’s my plans so far. You know I may watch authortube on YouTube that’s the only thing I may do writing related. Imma let it all hangout today. I want y’all to do everything in your power to enjoy your wonderful weekend I got coffee in my near future decaf today ran out of regular coffee is coffee I’ll take it. Who’s complaining? Hug and love on your loved ones just because the the sun came up and it’s air in your lungs 🫁 today and I’ll be back later with the Writers Journey later on today have fun friends and HeartBeats family 💗

🤗🥰The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🥰🤗

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