June 22,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I’m still pressing on no naps no sleep since the day before yesterday. 🥱🛌🥴 I feel the nods but I’m waiting for aunt to get back. She’s doing daily’s. This is a beautiful week thus far. I’ve beendoing research today. I window shopped on Amazon I don’t want to spend money unless it’s for The betterment for the business but I have plenty of what I was looking for so I put it off till a later date it’s a big ticket item the prices they have now I would cut my arm off and sell to get it. But it’s no need for it. As the kids say what is it?“ I’m good” I’m good on that. 🥰 today I worked on uploads iWriterly I absolutely love her channel and tomorrow on this post I’ll upload the clip where Micheal LaRonn did a tutorial on how to use the http://storylattice.com . It’s pretty dope way to get a boost on the plots and story line and characters characteristic I’ve been needing to do that for a long time. It’s on a gaming app or website so simple to use. iWriterly goes over 34 Strategies on book marketing I absolutely love her, Sarra Cannon Abbie Eamons her sister. Micheal LaRonn Chris Fox those are my tops. Well let me lay here and chill I’m tired imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💗 I hope you enjoyed your day and cranked out a few WIPS today. The day got away from me I’ve been up haven’t missed an ounce still got very little done. It will suffice. Formatter hasn’t called me imma reach out tomorrow make sure she’s okay. The other day I wished someone was checking on me hayfever had me out of service and under construction 🦺 🚧 you know one of those nightsyou go through a whole roll of tissue blowing your nose red raw. Ready to get cook on a open fire 🔥 Done ✅. Well imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💗 Stay Healthy and well.

☯️I found that Ying& Yang Ying & Yang to do that writing thang, Writing Thang☯️

http://StoryLattice.com. Is just that. A writing thang writing thang so good gotta say it twice🥰🤩 Have Fun plotting and building characters.

Author Level Up Micheal LaRonn YouTube channel Story Lattice clip


Always Have Fun 🤩

📚The Ninth Poetess,LLC📚

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