June18,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Sorry everyone I’m having a hard night😭 I can not cope. Bless it please and make it better. I’m up missing my mom but I don’t want to see her I ain’t ready to go I have hundreds of books to write places to go wonderful people to meet if I ever get the courage. I wish I had a fraction of my moms strength and guts and power. She played no games and took no stuff from no one. She handled things differently than I ever could. She made me safe it was no question about that. None. And I feel when she passed that strength and sense of safety went with her and Im left to cope with I feel is some difficult times in this world. Because everyone experience it in some form what I’m going through. Just some rough days. That’s a nice way of putting it. And it has to stop. I need a positive sense of normalcy to help me grieve anything else is terroristic to me and abuse and I can’t cope like that. Where I’m from is not the ideal place for murder and mayhem and terror. It’s a disconnect and somewhere our safe city of the past have forgotten where the roots are. It’s a must that change happens changes in the right places with the right programs and right funding. I feel the inner city get left overs in every state just about . My city should be up there one of the safest cities in the nation but it’s been a disconnect somewhere and we need self care in the right places. If I say what I really want people would not like me at all. I like people to like me I can’t be a politician and let the words /water roll off my back like a duck. I’m fragile and sensitive. Real talk. I always wasn’t I had spunk and guts to take on the world. Right now I’m just learning a new me. And that’s gonna have to be okay because it’s all I got. I’m spilling my soul out on to this post tonight y’all. Im scared speechless of my night. Bless it and I may be late with the HeartBeats 💗 it’s a shame within myself that we have freedoms of speech to say whatever we want but that freedom ain’t free if it cost you your life. I took a few poems down before because of that reason very risky and I read some blogs I be in awe I be like they are pushing the bar and can’t believe they posted this one such powerful pieces but is a poem worth more than the air in your chest? Like the last couple days I’ve been having chest pains I know it’s stress. I’m praying it goes away. But imma T TY L I’m praying for safety Amen Amen Amen Bless y’all have a wonderful night💗

🧱make sure a unwanted wasn’t with you while you built your foundation they will take your kingdom apart brick by brick be skilled to cut the unwanted off and be open enough to make friends with people that want to help you on building your nation, stay focused don’t get caught up and don’t give up🧱

💗The Ninth Poetess,LLC💗💗💗💗💗💗

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