June 14,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone🥰 Today has been epic I did a lot it was personal care day so I started late I journaled, tried to something new today and I learned a couple tips today I feel nerdy and that’s alright with me🤓 worked on the freebie , searched for a platform safe enough to get my family and friends to join me there. I want my career and personal separate and it’s a lot out there to research on. Close to 100 or more. I’m done with anything Facebook. I’ve lost all trust. I’m thinking about going to The Godfather of all social media and calling it a day and it will be a safe place. That’s right My Space. It’s entertaining safe i need to learn more about it before I switch but it’s my first choice. How somebody gonna get on My dang Facebook and use my Ads before I get a chance to use them for myself and while they using them it’s restricting me from using mines when I’m ready. I probably wouldn’t be so upset if I wasn’t publishing a book and need to get ads out for Lifted Moon. It Pissed me smooth off. Only God Knows what the heck they doing behind the scenes. Sorry for the late and early post. It’s been a productive and trying day. I’m just trying to deal. I’m praying this Tuesday is peaceful and quiet. Right now I’m in knots. Hopeful that pass. I feel like one thing after another is just happening scared to see what’s next gotta brace myself. Bless it. Feel like I’m holding on by a thread today. But who ain’t these days. I would say more as to what has bothered me knowing I should give explanation to why this post so late but that would tell a tale that would spill all the beans and things. Some of my life have to be discreet. For security. The flood gates must be open that’s all I got to say the heat coming up going through the Unwanteds more. What is the deal? Well imma try to settle myself down and rest. It’s a shame someone has to tell themselves before they sleep I pray I’m still alive in the morning not because God took you naturally but by the hands of humans imma get off my rant. It’s been a long day. Please have a safe peaceful night bless y’all I’ll be back in the morning with The HeartBeats 💓 may not be too early Imma probably sleep in. Possibly. We’ll see what happens imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats Family.🥰

🙏🏾In times when you think prayer isn’t enough. Don’t give up and trust that he’s working on your behalf. It’s bound to be better. Don’t look back walk in your new found destiny and get comfortable because it’s all yours Amen Amen Amen🙏🏾

🕸The Ninth Poetess,LLC🕸

I apologize for my lateness again Just going through a lot. Hopefully things will change for the better. I pray🙏🏾 see ya in the AM✌🏼

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