June 10,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening everyone. 🥰 today has been brand new I’ve been worried about this Facebook Ads predator all dang day and haven’t worked on a thing. Spoke to a friend and my aunt and came up with the conclusion to delete my Facebook. Just to keep me safe. if I can’t get into my other accounts after a month I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. But I’m thinking I signed up to these sites through email not Facebook log in. Atleast I hope so. It would mess up my marketing plan. I don’t need that. But although I haven’t attempted working on the freebie today I plan to dive in tonight. I’m trying to keep my spirits up I’ve been a victim too many times this year in many different ways. People need to lay off of me. It’s too much. But I have the best thing on the planet to focus on tonight imma be in the zone. I hope your day was fantastic. I hope y’all are not experiencing what I’m going through today. I’m barely making it emotionally and mentally right now. I’m tired of the mishaps in my day. Just want happiness. That’s my motivation and hope to experience that for the rest of my days on this planet. And to avoid the Unwanteds. It should of never been an option on Facebook to be able to Take over someone else’s Facebook Ads had over 12 Facebook Admins people I didn’t know never seen or heard of how they get on my page. What else do they know about me then they wanted my new number to claim the page it’s a no go. I just deleted it. And they’ve been using it for months. I didn’t know. It’s too much. Should never be options like that on a page. There’s no protection either. Well enough of my rant for the night my loves things has settled down in my world it’s one less thing to worry about. Thankful this platform is protected there is a person behind these words. And she needs reassurance of safety. Well imma comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 imma get into the zone while I have energy. It’s either energy or anxiety I feel could be both. Take care my loves stay safe have a blessed quiet night. TTYL ✌🏼

🔋Recharge your spirit with the positive people in your life don’t let the negative keep you down for long 🔋

🚀The Ninth Poetess,LLC🚀

This to shall pass It’s a Blessing to try again for happiness. Never give up,

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