June 9,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening everyone🥰 sorry I’m coming on here later than usual . Someone mentioned a twisted evil movie on Netflix to watch and I got caught up an watched the whole thing and now I wish I hadn’t because now I’m in my feelings about life. Movie pissed me off. But other than that I had a good day I’m getting ahead with the freebie I’m working on. I’m having fun looking for photos. I worked on 3 poems today and found photos for them. Finding the right photo is just as important as the content is. I have one poem I’m questioning to put in the freebie. I think it’s too personal but it may not be. We will see if I include it. The personal ones sometimes be the best to share. Want to say the names to my post are just names for AM PM post for the blog. Check out both The HeartBeats and The Writers Journey they both are valid. I may even come up with something new to call a post. I’m thinking about starting one and calling it The Pen Ninja and let you all into my ideas for poems and projects like diving deeper into my processes. Right now I can’t disclose too much of the freebie I want it Top Secret. I’m glad I waited to post because it actually made me feel better after that aweful twisted movie. I will not disclose the name. To each it’s own. It’s just not for my spirit. I’m terribly sensitive I don’t know how I sat through the whole thing. Bless it. Bless y’all. Don’t go finding twisted movies either to watch it’ll get you in your feelings. Watch positive stuff documentaries or sitcoms funny stuff no drama killings or stuff like that. Watch Educational YouTube clips. Positive stuff. Now I’m stuck trying to reprogram myself and cleanse my mind and eyeballs from the wickedness. Bless it. I hope y’all enjoyed the Updates and WOW Wednesday’s it’s stuff I’ve talked about over the week. I hope it’s helpful to you guys and gals. I try to keep it on topic and Fresh and New. Imma try and top my number of poems today tomorrow and finish 4-5 we will see. This freebie gonna be a treat. And it’s gonna have a full un published un talked about chapter of Enaji-O and Bossie in it. And a sneak peek of the covers for both. That’s enough to sign up your email right there to get the inside scoop on that. But it will also have never seen before poems with images to boot. I think it’s gonna be fire 🔥. As the kids say. Stay tuned for some new stuff happening. Bless y’all tonight I hope y’all’s night is quiet and safe and peaceful. Imma comeback in the morning with the HeartBeats 💓

🦉 Knowledge is Power always use your mind over matter and Love conquers everything The Almighty is Love and I stand in Him, not this Twisted movie I seen this evening. May it go back to the pits of you know where.Amen🦉

🚀The Ninth Poetess,LLC🚀

Flying far away from todays Unwanteds

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