June 6,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Bless y’all this evening🥰 I’m happy because I’m seeing a little progress this evening even though I may not be happy about anything else. I made my one pot rotini and meatballs and it was delicious. I had to eat twice today felt like I was starving. My appetite has been acting a fool.I normally intermittent fast but I have bigger meals to get me through the day. Lately I can’t hold much. I know it’s the medication and maybe even the change in seasons too. I also binged Vanessa Lau channel and downloaded her downloadable freebies I hope they walk me through step by step on what to do. Tomorrow imma ask my formatter if she formats Pinterest pins and does she format downloadables for pop ups emailing list maybe she can walk me through it too I’m hands on. My formatter is pretty dope. I’m sure she help or point me in the right direction. I been fighting to keep my positive vibes going all day since it got off to a rocky start. Anxiety still high. Nerves still bad. Still wanting to leave. To go where ? Somewhere away from the Unwanteds. Because this morning was a fool. Booming music systems too dang early in the morning making me a nervous wreck because I experienced a shooting less than 10 yards from my front door. And I’m still a wreck every night. Hard to pick up at a drop of a dime and move. But I know one day I will and where I’ll go it will be nicer and safer than this. I’m even thinking about skipping states. Maybe one day. If I do that I may need to change the Site name. I’m saying this because this Summer is Hot more ways than one. People are dying in the streets everyday. Or assaulted. It’s a mess. I ask the question what and where is true safety? These days people arent safe doing nothing. More people minding they own business get assaulted shot attacked killed on a daily basis than people looking and getting a position at a job or job fair. It’s a sickness it really is that these shooters have. Medication and other stimulants can’t cure. This fact I know is crippling people (the rest of us) . Enough of my rant and soapbox this evening this is just a small tip of what I’m going through . Its livable what I’m dealing with as long as I keep living. Just gotta make it to tomorrow. Well imma take a pause my friends and HeartBeats 💓. I hope y’all’s day was knock out out of sight (the dang Unwanteds) We’ll try again tomorrow on getting some progress. I think contacting my formatter is Number 1 on my agenda tomorrow . TTYL everyone get your rest don’t let Booming systems bother you be patient they will pass through .

☯️Tackle the Page, and get your Quarterback ☯️

💜 The Ninth Poetess,LLC💜

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