June 4,2021 The HeartBeats💓

Top of the morning everyone💓 Today is gonna be Epic. I have a couple things on my plate today😁 I’mma eat this knowledge up like it’s Rotini and Meatballs Speaking of that dish Imma finally fix it today. But Udemy is on the agenda then book launch tutorials I know I can find some. That’s what’s in my world. I hope y’all enjoy this hot hot hot Friday☀️ start a new project for the weekend. Have Fun working on your WIPS today .

TIPS in World Building: There is a many ways to world build but imma share a few.

1. You can purchase interesting book in covers or make them yourself. Build your story around the cover art. So it looks like you had it custom made to match your content.

2. You can use Photo Albums. Look into your collection of photos as inspiration .

3. You can use magazines photos as inspiration.

4. You can use stock photo sites as inspiration then you could use the photo as a book cover to match your content.

Well thats a lot before Noon 🕛 imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓 enjoy this beautiful day.

🚨Don’t let nothing get you down or take your Joy. 🚨

God Bless Y’all

📗Tackle The Page and Get Your Quarterback 📗

☕️The Ninth Poetess,LLC☕️

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