June 4,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers#1📖✍🏾

Hello everyone.🥰 I have some explaining to do. Now last night I posted a post explaining and listing the steps on publishing and starting your Authors business/brand I had disclaimers up and everything to protect me legally because I definitely didn’t want to come off as giving legal advice. But last night I spooked myself and I took that post down. Spoke to my Registered Agent I used to get my LLC and they reassured me I would have been perfectly okay keeping the post . They said Google will tell you the steps and what it takes to start a business. So I was approached with a comment this morning that pissed me off and I’m fairly humble. They said along the lines of “ I don’t know the Purpose of your blogging or site” Or “ or the purpose of the post” with heart emojis and well wishes to lessen the sting because I deleted my post. And I had a disclaimer on the reasons why I took it down. I deleted everything because it’s negativity I deal with enough on a given day. I took the post down for my protection shouldn’t be no questioning that. Or Belittling. And they said you haven’t been coming to my site in so many words. Now I’m not holding no one accountable for not coming to my site you are free to visit anytime you can take a break anytime I’m not stopping and I’m not begging and I support all my followers and I hope they give me the same freedoms I’m giving. But if any of you want to know how to get a LLC you can go to Google search and I will be getting into to how to Launch a book real soon. And I may share my process when I come to it. I had to get this out because I talk good saying this ain’t bothering me but it is. I wish this person the best they have a banging blog I’m mad still I went to their blog today anyways after the fact they are amazing but they should have left me alone. I question no ones moves give people that respect to make their own decisions. It just pissed me off. I got enough to deal with. I personally feel terrorized. From this woman this morning. That’s how I honestly feel.

To All my HeartBeats and friends today was hard to hold in. Please excuse me. It will be better days and better post to come. We’ll try it again tomorrow. 🙏🏾

I may comeback with another evening post to let y’all know which YouTuber I watched for book launch info.

Imma take a pause and comeback later maybe this evening if not I’ll post in the morning the HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful evening don’t let my ish. Affect you tomorrow brand new. Love y’all

☯️Write On Writers☯️

🐝The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐝

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