June 4, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2 📖✍🏾

Hello friends and HeartBeats 💓 I’m back to let you guys and gals know who I’ve watched today on YouTube for the book launch info I went to the source over to Julie Broad channel Book Launchers. This channel is amazing and it also have a website http://booklaunchers.com they have tons of support and info for your journey. Then I took a tip/step from the clip I watched and found Vanessa Lau and she breaks down the bones of building a Emailing List. She even has a Downloadable to instruct you on getting one. It’s amazing what she was teaching. I found out from Vanessa Lau that WordPress can be used in helping a emailing list ( I call them The Higher Ups) (anyone in charge of my growth business wise or processes The Higher Ups) I need to contact them and see what’s all the steps involved but first I need to come up with a idea for a downloadable freebie and or contest a service something interesting y’all want to see. It’s so much out there to do. I’m excited for this. Next is to find out about beta readers that would be awesome if I could use my emailing list as my beta reader I’m just thinking out loud to self. Don’t know if that’s possible will find out tomorrow. So excited for what tomorrow will bring feel like kid at Christmas 🎄. I feel like I’m taking too much in. Imma focus on coming up with a freebie idea to generate subscribers for emailing list. From the looks of things how to build it it’s intricate. But I’ve gotten this far I’ll will figure it out. First I need to focus on the idea.

🚨Lifted Moon is pushed back it’s all ready and set to rock and roll my Launch Knowledge isn’t when I feel confident y’all will be the first to know I need to do this properly so I don’t waste my resources and my work. I do Apologize.🚨Content from Bossie Will be posted to keep Possibly Poetry Or Short Story going. Other content on website and blog will be posted. More Positive and Productive days ahead.

Imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 imma TTYL 🥰

🐝Bee nice to someone never know how they doing in their emotions in their heart and soul and in their mental. I said it yesterday it may still be up I don’t know. You gain more bees with honey 🍯 than the ish (cow chips) that bulls and cows gives. 🐝

I hope I haven’t ran my followers and friends away with my rant. I know negative vibes don’t do well with peoples spirit. Positivity can heal a nation.

Imma TTYL friend’s and HeartBeats 💓

🐝Write On Writers🐝

☯️The Ninth Poetess, LLC☯️

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