June 2, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Today has been Successful in fighting the Unwanteds. I used today to recharge my battery for my spirit and space. Sarra Cannon channel over on YouTube has pumped me up I may need another day to kick my🦵🏽 🥾 butt in gear. I have been learning publishing Tips and Rules today so it may not have been productive in edits or writing but it’s productive on the recharge aspect. Plus I’ve been talking with drs today, gotta stay healthy. Today I had wings boiled in seasonings then drained then sauced up. Tomorrow imma have rotini I didn’t have rotini the other day I had vegan hotdogs and chili but imma have vegan meatballs and rotini noodles I might even have a piece of garlic bread we’ll see. I corrected WOW Wednesday post I put the link to Sarra Cannons Channel /Clip up. I do apologize a lot has been on my mind. I’m just happy I remembered WOW Wednesday’s this week. 🥰🥳🙏🏾 don’t know what tomorrow will bring imma pants it. I make plans and it’s comedy for The Most High. I plan on setting up my publishing for Lifted Moon tomorrow we will see what happens. I’m praying I don’t run into any snags. Snagfuse is an Unwanted I’m trying to get rid of. Well imma take a pause before I’m on here telling my whole life and the issues in it. I sure don’t want to bore you. Let me stick with the positive and uplifting aspects of my life and let me keep pushing my pen 🖊 and let me keep turn the wheels in my brain on the fantastic knowledge I’m learning from these awesome influencers and bloggers. Let me keep pushing for my friends and HeartBeats 💓 well imma TTYL Everyone ✌🏽🥰🙏🏾

🐸If a frog had faith of a mustard seed he would believe he could leap over mountains,and he could,Because his God Has set forth his path just like God gave forth that mission/dream. When it’s seems impossible keep going. To the very end, don’t succeed try again. Leap over negative vibes. Tomorrow Brand New Sleep on it wake up refreshed. Ready to capture the day. Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴 Make the day count. Exercise. Read a book. Watch a influencer. Start a new project try new things in your writing craft. Start a new platform Get excited for the day. You have too these days to function in reality of things. It’s always gonna be something to bring you down tear you down you have to survive that because it’s capable to be something faced everyday. Sometimes the fight isn’t with people but within and you win to live to see another day and try again. And the worst fights is with self. We are our worst critiques. So when you feel depressed about something be easy on you. And give yourself care your wounded. And need healing. It’s okay to take breaks. I don’t like deadlines or schedules. And I know because I’m dealing with grieving and more emotional than some my days aren’t gonna give a straight line all the time. I’m doing whatever to keep my mind off my emotions at a given time. And that shall suffice. Waking up alone is productive to me anything after that in the day is Gravy. To some of y’all it may be more in a day that would make it productive. I’m dealing with something that’s hard to cope. But I’m doing my best. Sorry this a long post imma end it here My friends and HeartBeats thank you for your listening ear tonight may God Bless y’all’s Steps to greatness. Amen🙏🏾

🐸Write On Writers🐸

💚The Ninth Poetess,LLC💚

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