May 30,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today I spent journaling and not much else it’s been a slow day. I watch YouTube a little today I’m just resting today like I’m worn down. Tomorrow imma get back to work I need to fix Enaji -O or I’m not gonna be able to function. I need to learn about emailing list. And Pinterest. So much to do so little time. That’s how I feel time slips away . It’s already the tail end of May gonna be in the middle of summer next month. Geesh.🙄 what do y’all have planned for these summer months? They gonna go so fast what ever you do you gotta savor the moments or they will slip away. Start a new project give it a 2-3 month deadline. See how far you get with it. I’m excited to see how far I get with Enaji -O by September I may be ready to start writing new content for it instead of edits I got my fingers crossed 🤞🏾 . I’ll continue to post Excerpts from Bossie along the way. I hope y’all are enjoying the content. Not everything gonna be in a post you have to check the website out too. I updated the Authors Home Page today added a new Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Bossie “ A Omaha Love Story” Chapter 1 Excerpt you have to go to the website and check it out. Also The HeartBeats and Writers Journey is just names I give for AM and PM Post Both have great info check out both post. Had my bbq chicken wings they were amazing. Tomorrow imma have colorful rotini with vegan meatballs that’s my holiday meal . Today I’ve been wanting to leave this earth and go somewhere else. I’m irritated. I need a break from my reality. I sleep to escape . this is no way to live. I pray my gift change my life so I don’t feel this way. This platform is keeping me alive my Gift is keeping me alive. Or I wouldn’t want to be here no more. I go through a lot emotionally each day. It’s just too much . Today is not one of my best days. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL✌🏽

⭐️Hold on to what’s good in your life allow it to carry through the rough times so you can use your wings and soar through the bad days⭐️ Find Patience even when your on your last drop. It’s hard to do.Just do it. It will save you from heartache and pain . ( this is for me too)⭐️

🐯The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐯

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