May28,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Support is important if you have people in your corner let them know u care. I appreciate everyone that comes to the blog an website y’all are Rockstars. 🤩

I have something different to present for Possibly Poetry Or Short Story this week while Enaji-O is under construction 🦺 🚧 Enaji-O is actually my first baby I produced and didn’t finish back in 2007-2008 it needs a lot of work and I was overwhelmed about diving in to it for a long time and I started other projects. One of which I’m showcasing this week it needs work too. But I can work on both. Today I just handled some emails and phone business and time flew by. But the novel I’m showcasing is called Bossie “An Omaha Love Story” its addictive characters and interesting scenes throughout what I have so far. And there’s poems in this novel as well. My novels will probably always have poems in them . So it’s like a 2 for 1 deal. I may post tomorrow to introduce Bossie if not tomorrow definitely Sunday.I need to finish the Authors Plan atleast get it written out so I can get back to my Edits and Udemy. If y’all haven’t noticed Post Archives is kind of different I had lost the content for it updating something else different so I had to go about it different to get my content back. So it looks different a little. Well as you know I shuts it down around this time. I hope you enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend eat good love hard Have Fun . I’m working this weekend even Sunday I have a lot on my plate. I want to get through this Authors Plan with no interruptions. That includes from myself too. I struggle most days. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽Stay tuned for Bossie “ An Omaha Love Story”

🦖Write On Writers🦖

📗The Ninth Poetess,LLC📗

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