May 23,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🎉🎉🎉

Enaji-O :”The Adventures of Enaji” Chapter 7 Excerpt

Enaji pulls off and decides to get her oil changed first. She has to go all the way out to 143rd. Dalosso does a U-turn in the middle of the street to get behind Enaji. Enaji was listening to Gospel Hip Hop while going down Saddle Creek heading south when she decided to stop and get some gas. Dalosso pulled in and decided to get gas himself. He used his credit card to get his gas because he didn’t want to run into Enaji. Little that he knew, Enaji saw him pumping his gas when she went to pay for hers. Enaji didn’t think anything of it. Omaha so small, gas stations are Omaha’s social meeting areas anyway. One of DaLosso’s mother’s friends screamed over from her car that was parked a few stalls over from his and said,

 “Losso, where is your momma at?” 

“She’s at home Ms. Cheryl,” DaLosso said with his eyes on Enaji the whole time.

DaLosso gets into his car and he doesn’t give Cheryl anytime for rebuttal. He gets behind Enaji once again at the lights of Hamilton and Saddle Creek.Enaji is pushing her father’s all black Mercedes through lights and traffic, DaLosso had a hell of a time keeping up. When they got to 144th and West Center Rd and made a left hand turn at the lights, DaLosso thought to his self out loud,

“Where the hell she taking me?” 

Enaji let loose on 144th like she was on North freeway. DaLosso found himself going 75 in a 45 zone trying to keep up with Enaji without catching the lights behind her. They both made it to 144th & L streets and Enaji keeps straight. Losso is really confused as to where she is going because he has never been so deep into Omaha before. Plus, even with all the money he makes he is unfamiliar to the Mercedes-Benz dealership. Enaji went straight on 144th street. They both went down some ways and ran right into the dealership.

DaLosso went straight then he came back around and pulled into the dealership so he didn’t make himself so obvious.

DaLosso phone rings and he answers,


DaLosso where is Enaji at now?” Bryan asked in the drive thru at Popeyes..

“Man, we on 144th & Nowhere at the Mercedes dealership. She be pushing Monster’s Benz like she’s trying to get away from the cops. I got some things to tell you when I see you, I know you don’t have time to talk,” DaLosso said while driving around to the maintenance garage of the dealership.

“Yeah man, I’m trying to get some real food in my system before I go to work. Don’t forget to find out who else Enaji knows that knows me. Ask Jazie who she hangs with. Also I’ll reimburse you on the money you dishing out on the next re-up. 

“Thanks man, well I need to get in here and see what she’s doing. I’ll try not to be so obvious,”

“Alright man, I appreciate this. I’ll see you later, One.” Bryan said, opening his Popeyes box to eat his meal while driving. 

“One,” DaLosso said, parking and getting out his car.

Enaji parks her dad’s Benz near the garage and goes in to see the receptionist. 

“ Hello, May I help you?” 

“Yes, Cindy I have a 12 o’ clock appointment to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Also, is Charles here today? I need to talk to him,”Enaji said without looking at Cindy. 

“Yeah he’s here. Let me go get him. “

Charles is a biker who loved to hang out with Monster in his free time. He even went out of town with Monster on a few runs. Charles and Monster together, a pair to be reckoned with. Charles is 40 something, very handsome with muscles on top of muscles and tribal tattoos. Charles comes into the office and his eyes lit up from the sight of Enaji. 

“Enaji! You’re a sight for sore eyes! Wow!  Look at you, you’re beautiful. What are you here for kid?”Charles asked, getting straight to the point.

“I’m bringing dad’s car in for an oil change and to get the tires rotated,”

“I’ll take care of it and your money’s no good here, your uncle Charles is here to the rescue!” Charles said in a playful voice.

“Thanks Uncle Charlie,” Enaji said, appreciating the fact she do not have to come out of pocket for the bill.

“”It will take an hour or so to get your car back. Can I have the keys please Ms. Naji?”

Enaji gave Charles the keys and sat down in the waiting room and pulled out a pen and pad and started to write a poem she had on her mind. DaLosso was on the lot looking around wondering if he should make himself known or not. He looks toward the garage and he sees a buffed man get into Enaji’s car. Dalosso thought to himself,

“Maybe she is getting some service work done on her car?”

DaLosso decides to keep his space and actually looks around and she if he can get Jazie a new car.

“Hello, may I help you?” The car salesman said to DaLosso

“Hector, I’m just looking,”DaLosso said looking at Hector’s name tag. “

Who are you buying for?” Hector asked knowing DaLosso has some money by looking at the whip he got out of.

“My family,” DaLosso said thinking of Jazie and the baby.

“Okay, there’s a brand new SUV down this aisle here, follow me,” Hector said with dollar signs in his eyes. 

“Hope this won’t cost me and 2 arms and 2 legs. I will be paying cash,” DaLosso said for certain.

“Here we are, the all black 2015 Mercedes- Benz M-Class Hybrid. The MSRP is $65,000, but if you pay cash I can let it go for $51,150. Anything less than that you robbing me, papa,”Hector said with a hand gesture. 

“I’ll take it! Do you guys deliver? It’s a present to my fiancé,” DaLosso asked grinning ear to ear.

“Yes we do. We’ll even put a bow on top of it. What time do you want it delivered?” Hector asked. 

“Around 7p.m. can your guy do that?”

“Yes, we can. I want to show you something else we got in before you sign these papers,” Hector said walking him toward a boxy SUV. 

“This is a 2015 Mercedes –Benz G Class. The MSRP is $114,000, but if you pay in cash I can let it go for $96,720. I know you want it,” Hector said grinning from ear to ear.

DaLosso was hypnotized by the quality and wood grain and leather interior. It was fierce.

“Man, I’ll be back for this Spaceship later man. It’s the business.”

DaLosso did the math in head over his finances. With spending $51,150 dollars on Jazie’s SUV he’s left with a little bit over $150,000. He has to re-up and save for their future house. He wants to stay out in Elkhorn close to Bryan and The Big Man. Nothing too fancy, but something like a starter home. He says to himself that he needs $200,000 more and they can move out his mother’s house. Hector and DaLosso walks into the office close to where Enaji is waiting. DaLosso saw Enaji, but Enaji didn’t see him. DaLosso thought to himself,

“What is she writing on her pad?” 

DaLosso and Hector fill out forms and DaLosso pulls out his Black card and Hector’s eyes got big. “Aren’t you a little young to have a black card. Only senior citizens come in here with black cards with their entire pension and 401K plans on them.

“No, man it’s mine. Don’t trip. I’m an entrepreneur,”

“What do you do?” Hector said knowing that DaLosso is going to say something along the lines of street pharmacist.

“I’m a bodyguard for an important man that I can’t say his name for his protection,” DaLosso said halfway telling the truth. 

“Must be a nice job if it’s paying you good enough to have a Black card. You’re a lucky man,” Hector said stapling some forms together.

“Yeah, more than you know,”

DaLosso and Hector finished up the paper work on the car.

DaLosso also put the SUV on his insurance policy as he was sitting there filling out forms. As he was leaving from Hector’s office he decides to make himself known to Enaji. DaLosso walks toward the waiting room and peaked his head in and said,

“Enaji, girl you following me or what? Let me know now!” DaLosso said in a playful voice.

 Enaji head popped up from her pad in amazement. 

“Boy! What the hell you doing here? You following me fool. I’m telling Jazie!” Enaji said taking out her phone to call Jazielle. 

“Ooh, please dont! I just bought Jaz a truck for graduation, that’s why I’m here. You tell her and she won’t be surprised,” DaLosso pleaded.

“Okay, this time I won’t. But let me find out you are stalking me,” Enaji said, giving him a half threat.

🐢The Ninth Poetess🐢

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