May22,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾🤩☕️🐲🐉 ✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰I woke up a little later than usual Bless my Life. Amen. I’ve been curious on the outcome of this work I’m putting in and turned to the Chinese Calendar it was encouraging although I’m making supplements to what the actual meanings of the words gonna mean because it says encoffining I have situations I need and want encoffined not people no one else is gonna die in my life no more for a long while🙏🏾 if God’s willing. Not me or no one else. So that kind of scared me a bit. Today is SaturYAY!!!!!🎉🎉🎉 I’m going to crank out some content today or edit. I may make a special blog post for the Writers Journey not just Journal Entry. But something better yet someone I’ve came across yesterday that is full of mind blowing info. So imma work on that today then edits so I can have something for this Sunday’s Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I know y’all miss that. So imma do my due diligence on getting that done today no messing around . So The Writers Journey will be up early today and may have 2 Entries. I haven’t even had my morning coffee my HeartBeats 💓 you know I’m frazzled this morning debating if I want firecrackered potatoes or seafood and eggs or all three that’s a full blown meal I have no energy making might have cereal and think about that other meal for lunch. Let me start my day friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽 Start on your new projects today stay focused make a realistic goal and follow through.You can do it🤩Write on Writers🤩

☀️🌴Capture the Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐲The Ninth Poetess🐲

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