May 22,2021 The Writers Journey #1πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Topic: The Writer’s Tools Guru’s

The Authorprenuers :

Kimberly Grabas 



Molly Greene:


First off I found Kimberly Grabas looking for a template or an example of an Author’s Business Plan aka Authors Plan and I found her site by doing a search. She’s absolutely Amazeballs. So knowledgeable and she also has a free guide to a business plan on Teachable i think If I’m not mistaken. I haven’t gone through the course yet to see. But I will. I’m so busy as it is and it seems Im adding more on my plate and I haven’t finished what I have already. Then I found a page on her site and found Molly Greene’s Page for instructions how to use WattPad for Writers/ Authors. I was just wondering how to use WattPad and found this gem. And Kimberly Grabas is also on her page as well. And they both have so much Jewel worthy info I can take and use the rest of my life. . Now I’ve been watching Kimberly’s YouTube channel. She has changed my overall life. Literally. She goes step by step giving all details on how to use different writers tools. Mind Blowing. Enjoy and have your pen and pad handy. She’s a wonderful teacher Easy to follow.

Always Have Fun

🌼The Ninth Poetess🌼

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