May 19,2021 The HeartBeats💓🥰☕️📖✍🏾🦋📘✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today gonna be relaxing but not too much. Got work to do. Not feeling the greatest but imma push through, I’m go back to sleep it early yet I’m under the weather 🤧 D*** allergies Today imma work on Chapter 7 Edits Chapter 7 got dang near 30 pages so it’s gonna take a minute to get through it’s gonna have more than 30 when my edits are done on it. I need to get up an get my coffee coffee is life dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 just letting y’all know. 🥰 well imma TTYL everyone be safe today stay productive crank out some dope content Always Have Fun 🤩

☀️🌴Capture the Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐛Build your own cocoon( safe quiet place), create something beautiful, then emerge like the magnificent Butterfly your are and fly far away🦋.

🦋The Ninth Poetess🦋

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