May 11,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today had been successful I’ve done some filing some edits and phone calls and emails main thing I’m happy about is edits. Tomorrow I’m do edits early before my formatter needs me hopefully everything gets rolling and on the ball I seen the insides of Lifted Moon and I’m impressed. It’s gonna be nice. This is enough to pull out hair and teeth though it’s stressful and I’m surprised I did so much today even on the phone with doctor. A lot happened. I’m very pleased with today. Even though I feel like I’ve walked 10 miles that’s how stressed out I feel I’m stressed 😩. But my day is done I shuts it down at 4-5 pm anyways. I’ve been up since 1 am but I slept the evening away early. And that’s fine with me if I call the Hogs ( go to sleep) early tonight. Bless y’all I hope y’all are enjoying and marrying y’all’s WIPS. It’s a Marriage by the time you finish your project. Y’all are one. Or many. Well imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💓 Bless y’all tonight be safe

💚write on writers💚

📗The Ninth Poetess📗

🚨PS Check out Possibly Poetry Or Short Story on the Authors Home Page tonight Enaji-O Chapter 4: Excerpt was added today. Hope y’all like it.🥰🚨

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