May 4,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone🥰 how is everyone this beautiful evening? Today was productive I finished chapter 1 to Enaji-O. It’s coming along just fine better than expected imma try to take atleast 2-4 days on a chapter depending on how long it is. Did not get to Udemy today I spent time handling some business and I also helped my aunt with something separately that trumps everything. But since I finished a chapter I was thinking maybe I should do the Udemy first tomorrow then if I have time left edit some do it back and forth so I don’t get burnt out and I see progress . That’s a great idea 💡 . I want to add that Enaji-O “ The Adventures of Enaji” has poems in it. Poems that may be in Lifted Moon. Not many, maybe only one that I see so far. The first poem I see is The poem called “Undecided” I’ve posted “ Undecided” on the website it’s either on the Authors Homepage or Blog1-2 Right now my brain is mashed potatoes and I’m spent🙄

Speaking of food. I know I said Saturday would be the day I tell you what Im cooking for Sunday Meal gonna be, Well I know now what I’m cooking you might want to shop early in the week for the items.


Fried Cornmeal crusted Swai Fish

Sautéed California Blend Veggies(cauliflower,broccoli,carrots) with sliced onions garlic

Rice with butter and garlic

Zero calorie sparkling water

This will be me and my aunts Sunday meal

Something light and simple

Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats family 💓 imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats in the morning. Have a beautiful night be safe everyone.

📒write on writers📒

💛The Ninth Poetess💛

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