May 3,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳🥳🥳

Hello Friends and HeartBeats Family. I have a treat this beautiful Monday morning. I have been working on edits and I thought it would be a treat to share a piece of Enaji-O ” The Adventures of Enaji” so you can get a feel of where my head is at these coming up days. I will keep you posted as I go through out this process ever so often. This is all Fictional. This is my Second Baby.

So This is:

Enaji-O ” The Adventure’s of Enaji”


I woke up Saturday to cigarette smoke and bacon cooking. What a lovely combination. If the smoking didn’t kill my grandmother, the bacon would clog her arteries and give her a heart attack or stroke, whichever one come first. I know, not a very nice thing to say about my grandmother, but it’s the truth. My name is Enaji Benson the granddaughter of Wilamena Benson and daughter of Alondra and Marcus Benson. Sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother, and waiting on her to finish cooking my eggs made me realize that my entire life was a blessing. I am skilled in a few things I do. I’m graduating from high school. I’m going to college. I have no children. I don’t even have a boyfriend, and this is something I choose not to have. I’m just preparing myself for a fun and exciting future and unseen adventure right here in the O.

Chapter One: Graduation Blues

After eating her  breakfast, Enaji and her grandmother talk about what she’s gonna do after she gets her diploma.

 “Naji, how many schools have you applied for?”  

  “Just one, the Liberal Arts College in Canada. They denied me a scholarship because of my grade point average,” 

“Well, you need to go to Community College until you have raised your G.P.A. Do you think you could go to Metro today? I will be willing to go with you. We could have lunch and go shopping, would you like that?,” Wilamena said while smiling and bating her eyes. 

“Sure,”  “I ain’t missing a chance to go shopping and out to eat,” Enaji said to herself. 

Enaji hasn’t really decided on what she wants to do yet. Her dream is to become a big time author of poetry and short stories, but no one could live off of that type of salary alone. She needs to have something to fall back on. She does hair and nails, but that’s not guaranteed work to be working here and there and now and again doing friends and family hair and nails charging what she charges. She normally charges thirty-five dollars for hair and forty for nails. Nails are so much more because the product cost money. Thirty-five dollars for a wash and flat iron. Thirty-five to Seventy-five dollars depending on what kind of style. Lots of customers get sewed in weaves, and then they want their weaves cut into a style. It seems that’s all she does now. She even has two men by the name of Pain and Knoxx. Pain gets his locks tightened and Knoxx gets his hair braided. When her grandmother is around Pain is known as Paris and Knoxx is known as Kenez.

Enaji finished her breakfast and now she’s getting dressed to go on an outing with her grandmother to Metro Community College. Enaji didn’t know they were open on Saturday. Sliding on her K-Swiss Classics Grandma hollered, 

“You ready Naji?”

  “Yes ma’am!” Enaji hollered back while walking toward the back door.

 They headed out.

As Wilamena drove down Ames Avenue, Enaji wondered what she should take up. Should she take English first or should she take something else that she has no clue on? “I hope they have counselors to help me focus on what I want to do,” Enaji said. When she arrived at Metro campus she was in awe. It’s a community inside of a community. It all looked historical. The buildings were old but kept up to look new. When they parked she noticed the landscaping of the campus was immaculate. They have all kinds of different plants. Some she has never seen before. Wilamena said she was going to take a piece of one of the plants on the way out. Enaji told her don’t, she was going to embarrass her. Can you  see her out there digging up a piece of a plant and groundskeepers coming and bust her on her hands and knees, dirty, talking about , “I just wanted a piece.” When they entered the campus doors she couldn’t believe how many students she saw in there on a Saturday. You must have a passion for whatever it is you are trying to do in school on a Saturday.

They went into the counselor center, and the lady behind the desk asked,

“May I help you?”

“Yes.” I’m interested in coming to school here after I graduate. I need Financial Assistance to pay for classes.”

 She gave two forms to fill out and she told us to have a seat. 

“Naji, I’m so proud of you, Wilamena said.

 “I haven’t done anything yet,” 

 “I know, I’m just excited for you, that’s all.” 

Enaji whispered, “Grandma?”  

” What?” 

“Why do you have smoke all the time? Smoke is in my clothes and my hair,” Enaji said.

  Willamena said,” You won’t have to worry about my smoking when you get your own place, will you?” 

And she gave Enaji a messed up look. Wilamena could be a pistol sometimes. Their relationship is bitter-sweet. 

God sent an invisible angel down and it said to Enaji, “Peace be still.” 

Enaji joked with her and said,

 “Yeah, the basement”. 

“Girl, you must be out your rabbit  ass  mind,” and she smiled and laughed.  

“Naji, you’re getting out of my house!”

“No I aint. Me and my husband will be living with you,” Enaji said laughing.

” I will be dead and in my grave before that happens. You have many options. You can stay on campus here, Naji. Or I can take you down to OHA for housing Monday,” Wilamena said. “You need life experiences on your own, in your own place.”

Enaji is scared out of her mind to stay on her own. She’s graduating in a week.  She feels Wilamena is trying to get rid of her. Her grandmother is all she knows. 

 “Grandma, I ain’t going nowhere.”

📙The Ninth Poetess📙

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