April 29,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰today was productive I’ve came up with word counts I have less than a thousand words to go🥳🥳🥳 my word count is 9039. I have 61 poems in Lifted Moon as of this point it will be more coming. I think between 10-20 more poems it should be finished. Tomorrow imma work on my vision board one of my magazines came I can add some pictures from the magazine to my board. Can’t wait. Well I did some daily’s today that took up my time. Tomorrow should be an excellent day can’t wait. I have a grand plan for tomorrow imma go through poems I already have and maybe add them to Lifted Moon that way my counts go up but I don’t have to write as many poems. I can start editing quicker. Well imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful night Talk with u guys and gals in the morning. 🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🟣The Ninth Poetess🟣

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