April 26, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🥰💧💦 🥊

Top of the morning everyone 🥰This early morning I’m fighting with my health the Unwanteds are back in full effect. My medication making my thirst for water heighten. But I need the medication to bring sugars down and the water flowing so fast through me it’s scary. Wonder if they got something to regulate these type of issues. If only all the answers and healing was in one pill or shot. Would be nice . And I have the case of dry mouth they have medicated mouthwash and creams I think for that in my case I wouldn’t feel safe I drink water to make sure my organs can function. Sorry bout the health update but this is apart of my journey too. I’ll be contacting my doctor today. Today is word counts and Pinterest study they need classes on Pinterest alone it’s so intricate but once you set it up it’s a beautiful thing to have. Might finish my binge watching (Shadow and Bone) or save it till this weekend. We will see this show is the ultimate muse to so many of my historical fiction and historical fantasy ideas. This show is Top Notch Perfect. I hope Leigh Bardugo get all her books in a TV Series. She’s an Absolute Fantastic Talent🥰 Right now I’m just trying to feel better I may go back to bed it’s still God awful early yet. I Have an Eventful Day Today Everyone enjoy your day bless y’all TTYL I’ll be back with The Writers Journey later 🥰💓

☀️🌴Capture the day , Bask in it, Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

👊🏽The Ninth Poetess👊🏽

🚨PS I’m too Young for these health issues Dear Friends and HeartBeats 💓 Take my words to heart and soul. If you not healthy, make a lifestyle change and get healthy you don’t want these problems. It’s Purgatory Get Healthy Stay Healthy Love y’all TTYL🥰🚨

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