April 22,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 📖✍🏾☕️🥰☀️🙏🏾🥳

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 it’s a great time to celebrate and thank the Lord you’ve come this far. Thank you for keeping it quiet and safe overnight continue to cover us and love us Amen. Sorry I just felt like thanking the Higher Powers this morning. Today is going to be eventful but atleast today I get my Popeyes fish sandwich that’s gonna slam😋 I will do my 2 poems and also work on vision boards. And possibly work on content for Saturday’s Updates. It was nice to have an off day yesterday but it’s back to the grind today.🔩🔧🛠 . I hope all of you stayed on task and didn’t follow my lead sometimes when you take breaks it’s hard to get back to the grind. That’s why it’s a must I snap out of it. Poetry is life to me so it’s not that hard for me to jump right back in. It may not be that way for everyone yet. That’s why I said don’t follow my lead. Well my HeartBeats 💓 I’ll be back later with a Special Update on how my day going and the post gonna be called just that Special Update. Have a beautiful morning my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

🧜🏽‍♀️The Ninth Poetess🧜🏽‍♀️

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