April 10,2021 Blog #2 Updates🥳🥳🥳

April 10,2021 Happy Saturday !!!🥳🥳🥳

YouTube Finds: Gillian Perkins


Anything you want to know about business and having a platform Gillian Perkins is the go to. Dive in and learn something new.

What’s On The Radar?: Unbound Book Festival


When: April 6-23, 2021

Your favorite Authors are your Virtual Keynote Speakers. Check them out at the link.

* Unbound Book Festival is completely free to attend.*

Coming To The Stage: Martin Roth

Martin Roth is a Author and Screenwriter for some of your favorite shows. His books are writer’s guides to enhance and sharpen your craft and knowledge to different items, topics and situations.

* Here’s a list of some of his books that can be purchased anywhere books are sold.*

1. The Writer’s Partner:1001 Breakthrough Ideas to Stimulate your Imagination

2. The Writers Complete Crime Reference Book

3. The Fiction Writers: Silent Partner for Fiction, Television & Screen

Learn Something New and Always Have Fun

Fantastic Fiction Finds: Angeline Boulley


Book: The Fire Keepers Daughter

Release: March 16,2021

Forms: Hardcover, Audio, Kindle

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

💜The Ninth Poetess💜

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