March 30,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey📖✍🏾

Hello my nerves is bad tonight but I’ve had a productive day today. Getting on my platform always make me feel better about things. Today I wrote my poem of the day and did some research on copyright of photos. Thinking about putting one of myself on my back bio page. It has me nervous I like this mysterious aspect I have going on. I also wrote the beginning of my bio page. I handled some daily’s and made vegan tacos 🌮 and tostadas today for my aunt and I. The day was just irritating in itself. Neighbors still remodeling they was louder than all get out today and other things bothering me driving me loco. But, this is my happy place. 😊. and I hope all of you are enjoying the sites content. I have fun with u coming up with it. WOW Wednesday’s will be up in the morning hours like I said it’s on the Queen Sonia Sanchez it’s a surprise. 🥳🤫 well HeartBeats and Friends imma take a pause and finish my journal entry maybe I may just wait till tomorrow. I forgot my thought I had anyways and I’ve entered an entry tonight already. Well imma TTYL have a wonderful night💓

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🌻The Ninth Poetess🌻

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