March 23, 2021✍🏾The Writer’s Journey ✍🏾

I have made my authors home page and I’m nervous about it. Go to the website and see it . The title of my chapbook is “ Lifted Moon: poems of The Ninth Poetess” I hope you all like it. I’m pleased with it. It has some snags but I’ll iron them out later. I wrote my poem of the day and worked on my authors home page most likely Possibly Poetry Or Short Story will be on this page instead of NOW Group Blog page to shorten the content on that page up so it don’t fill up so fast. Well my friends and Heart Beats as of Now I have 16 poems written this month it adds up fast and I’ll add some extra poems as well. Imma take a pause and try to relax it’s been an eventful day today. Enjoy the website. TTYL🥰

✍🏾It’s Alright to Write✍🏾

🌼The Ninth Poetess🌼

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