March 22,2021 The HeartBeats#2💓💓📖✍🏾🤓✌🏽

Hello everyone today was productive even did some rearranging of my space a little. I finished my poem today. Today poem was about what we came in this world with. It’s a life poem on staying humble. Tomorrow poem is called Still A Soldier it’s about life and overcoming obstacles and surviving odds. The rest of my evening consist of YouTube. That’s my treat of the day. I hope all of you enjoyed your Day.🥰 I’m not gonna be long tonight. Imma TTYL HeartBeats and friends💓

P.S. Today is my 1 year WordPress Anniversary 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 Yay!!!!!! 🥰 what an accomplishment. I went from having a few followers to many and I am humbled and honored. I love helping people and showing others something new. I hope y’all rock out with me I’ll be in the process of a lot with my book release soon enough I got it heavily under wraps but not for long. Most likely it will be under “The Writers Journey” segment . Stay tuned in Friends &HeartBeats family.🤓🥰

⭐️The Ninth Poetess⭐️

P.S.S New segment is called “ The Writers Journey” check this out. It may have a deal on ISBNs and Barcodes that you may could use if your in the U.S. Always do your research.

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

⭐️The Ninth Poetess⭐️

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