March 22,2021 The HeartBeats#1💓📖✍🏾🤓☕️

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today gonna be grand and productive I’m trying to warm up I’m freezing 🥶 right now. Atleast I don’t have a migraine or nothing like that just cold. I’m gonna work on my poem of the day then outline then watch one of my favorite vloggers on YouTube Lydia Dinga she from over in Europe she has amazing videos on her vacationing journeys she has been absolutely everywhere just about watching her made me want to learn French and I have been on a hiatus teaching myself but I think today imma get back into the swing of things. French is tricky but a beautiful language.well let me finish my coffee and get my day started Capture the day y’all don’t let it get away from you. Bask in the moments. Have Fun imma TTYL🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

⭐️The Ninth Poetess ⭐️

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