March 19,2021 The HeartBeats #2💓💓📖✍🏾🤓✌🏽

Hello everyone.🥰 today was very productive and I know which poem gonna be in Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Sunday. It’s called “ Cascade of First-Aid” I think it’s a creative poem I could of kept going with it but I feel the content for the poem was enough. I didn’t want it too long some may lose interest. Kept it to the point. And that’s alright.🤓 this poem will be in the New Release Coming Soon as of now I have 12 new poems this month so far I started late in the month. This book will also showcase poems I’ve shared for Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. The book will have between 30-40 poems. This is my version of a chapbook. Maybe more I might do more depending on word count we will see. I’m having so much fun writing each day. Different topics keeping it fresh and new I love it. 🥰 I’m so happy y’all are viewing the post and website basically coming along watching me on my journey with this. It is all brand new to me. And trust it’s hard and it’s scary stepping out there with your work AKA your Baby 📚 not 👶 literally. Well dear friends and HeartBeats family 💓 imma take a pause and I’ll be back in the morning Imma TTYL🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🌺The Ninth Poetess🌺

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